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Have you got a Business in and around Prudhoe?

Looking to build an online presence for your business?

Whether you Want a Prudhoe Business page within our website or a full website built / managed, we can help.

Drop us an email or contact us through our facebook page and I can explain how it all works to you.

Why use us?

We have 16 years experience in webdesign and 10 years in social media promotion.

Lots of people build websites, not many of them can actually get your website seen. We Can.

Been a small business ourselves we know the struggles and we build and host sites based on the individuals needs and budget.

We can build everything from simple advertising websites ( , entertainment/hobby sites ( to full e-commerce websites like ours ( and pretty much anything else.

We’re local so any problems, we’re right here.

All pages within our site will be regularly submitted to search engines and advertised through our social media network. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Pages within our site will show as”Your Business Name” and will have links in the side bar of all internal pages of our Website. so whenever I add a new product your link will be there when we post to our events or blog your link will be there.

Our social network coverage is 50’000+ strong currently and growing.

We also offer full Website Builds and social media promotion / management packages to Business in / around Prudhoe and countrywide.

Prudhoe Business Networking
Prudhoe Business Networking