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Sinclair for Sale (Facebook Group)

Sinclair for Sale is a Facebook Group for selling or trading any of your Spectrum related games or hardware although other Sinclair items are also allowed.

With 1,115 members up to press and new ones joining all the time Sinclair for Sale is a great community for anyone in to Sinclair computing /Gaming.

Mick Spence one of the groups Admins really knows his stuff when it comes to all things Sinclair /Spectrum related from games to Sinclair hardware.

If you’d like to Join Sinclair for Sale Clicky Clicky

sinclair for sale facebook

Sinclair for sale Facebook

Sinclair For Sale Group Rules

Backdoor trading is forbidden
1. Add all admin (the most ignored rule. doesn’t mean it’s not important. If we can’t contact someone we can’t do our job)

2.Comments of interest on the post only not via PM
discussion of price via PM is ok as long as the above was followed favouritism (joe bloggs has first dibbs)
4. Always pay promptly (unless seller has prior agreed otherwise). As a courtesy it’s expected to keep one another informed of when paid when posted, any hold ups etc
5. all comments to be made on main post. If you comment on an individual picture and someone else then comments on main post then they are seen as first comment. Once you comment (on a main post) it’s yours, it’s bought and sold. You may only back out of a trade if both buyer and seller agree Asking a seller to hold to one side while you check eg is fine as long as seller agrees. If seller doesn’t then your comment isn’t recognised as valid. Asking a seller to hold to one side until a later date is allowed also but is at seller discretion. Having games put to one side IS seen as a sale. We operate on trust and thats a gentlemans agreement. Backing out is same as for any other trade
6. No blocking of other members. This would just lead to confusion on posts when people cant see that items have already been bought
7.Prices to be included in the post. State if this includes or excludes postage and where possible postage rates
8. Backdoor trading is forbidden
9.Not so much a RULE as courtesy if you have bought/sold/traded with a member please add or tick if already there the box next to their name in the Trusted Sellers/Traders List

ADMIN Decision is final

We define ‘Backdoor trading’ as buying/selling privately via inbox after an item is advertised on group wall
Wanted request posts are ok and encouraged
Wanted lists are also ok and a place to do this has been created in the wanted Doc

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