Chaos Space Marines Dark Apostle


Chaos Space Marines – Dark Apostle

  • Build 3 Citadel miniatures
  • Plastic model kit
  • Requires assembly and comes unpainted
  • 19 plastic components

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The Dark Apostle set is a 3-model, multipart plastic kit. The Dark Apostle is an integral HQ choice in a Chaos Space Marines army and can be accompanied by a pair of Dark Disciples. The Dark Apostle bears an accursed crozius and a fell daemonic tome. In battle, he can chant prayers to beseech the Dark Gods for their unholy blessings. The relics of corruption carried by the Dark Disciples aid their master in his prayers to the Chaos Gods. This kit builds one Dark Apostle and two Dark Disciples. It is supplied in 19 plastic components and comes with one 40mm Citadel Round Base and two 25mm Citadel Round Bases.


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