Motörhead through the Ages

Motörhead Through the Ages

Motörhead Through the Ages

Motörhead are celebrating their 40th anniversary and a new album is on the way – the perfect time for Rock & Metal fans and gamers alike to experience a video game based on the iconic band and their unique attitude.

The collaboration between Motörhead, Global Merchandising and Haemimont Games will merge the world of Rock and Games in ways never seen before:

Based on the highly acclaimed “Victor Vran” Action-RPG that is already available on STEAM, this official and exclusive Motörhead expansion will feature an entirely new storyline, new enemies, weapons and skills! The expansion, titled “Motörhead through the Ages”, will be entirely Motörhead themed and the established “Victor Vran” universe will be extended with new adventures to experience and bosses to fight.

The Motörhead game will consist of new game environments that have not been seen in the original game. Traverse war-torn landscapes and cities, Wild-West-inspired landscapes and the Dark Ages Castle where the Queen of the Damned resides, all heavily inspired by and based on Motörhead’s history, lyrics and general attitude.

Motörhead define the themes of the game as Victor faces evils relevant to our own world – religious fanatics, corrupt politicians and power-hungry oppressive rulers. During these quests he will be supported not only by the newly designed Motör-Weapons, -Powers and -Skills, but also a soundtrack with over a dozen tracks, partly never heard before!

Give “Victor Vran” a go to prepare for “Motörhead through the Ages”!

Download it from Steam HERE

EXPANSION to “Victor Vran”
PC Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Further platforms TBA

“Motörhead through the Ages” will be released later this year.

Motorhead Victor Vran

Motorhead Victor Vran

About Haemimont Games:
Haemimont Games, founded in 1997, is an independent game development team brought together by a common passion: to thrill, engage and rock gamers worldwide. The studio has developed multiple titles including the highly acclaimed Tropico series, Grand Ages: Rome, Omerta: City of Gangsters and Victor Vran on a variety of platforms.

About Global Merchandising:
GMS the premiere music merchandising company exclusively represent and manage the branding, merchandising and licensing rights to the worlds top rock  and pop music artists.
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