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Hi Flavio and thanks for doing this interview with us, right lets get on to the questions.


Why are your games free when there’s games out there that are nowhere near the quality of yours but are pay to play?


As you know, the free-to-play market is having a big impact right now, and there’s a good reason for that. We’re able to reach a much larger audience for our games and the players can decide how much their experience is worth. It can seem counter intuitive, but the results speak for themselves.


Bust those Brawls


Do you think that the social aspect of your games is what keeps people coming back to them? I myself am just getting into integrating social media in our site, any tips?

Everyone has their own reasons, but the social aspect is very important, of course. Online games are essentially about the interaction and competition with other players. Social media is a key platform to engage and interact with the community, so it’s great that you’re taking steps to integrate it. To be effective you need interesting, unique content and good dialogue with your audience.


Shocking Stuff


Which game out of MicroVolts and Brawl Busters, do your Team play the most?

That’s a good question, but it’s hard to be sure. It usually depends on which game has the latest build to test. Sometimes the competition heats up and you can tell who plays which game the most.



Do any of you play console games and if so which?

We play PC games, console games, mobile games, and even board games. That would be a very long list, but I’m partial to action games.




What inspired and motivated you to get into to the online gaming industry?

Being closely involved in the development, marketing, and the operation of our games gives us a great perspective on the games industry. Our generation also grew up playing video games, so it’s an attractive industry and an exciting time.

So after Brawl Busters what’s your next project going to be, can you give our readers a hint?


There’s a few surprises being announced this year, however not today. I can tell you that multiple projects are in the works for 2012.

Brawl Busters is free-to-play and can be downloaded from

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