Belsh Quick Review : HomeFront (360)

Homefront Xbox 360

I'm loving the MP

I’ll get straight to the point, what the hell’s with all the hate aimed at this game?

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not perfect in any shape or form, it suffers from some poor graphics and the single player is a bit short but it makes up for this with a  kick ass story and now the servers are up and running properly it’s multiplayer is in my opinion absoulutly amazing I’m loving it at the minute and unlike a lot of Triple A titles of late at least it hasn’t been released completly broken.


Graphics 7/10

Story 9/10

Single Player campaign 7/10

Multiplayer 9/10

Overall 8/10

It’s worth a play especially now all the servers seem to be running fine I’ll definately be playing this for quite some time to come.

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